Abstract Statement and Schedule 01 to 11 and Expenditure list of Candidates to Kangra Vidhan Sabha Election 2022

Sr. No. AC Name Name of Candidate Party Inspection of Expenditure 02-11-2022 to 10-11-2022 Abstract Statement and schedule 01 to 11
1 Nurpur Ajay Mahajan INC Ajay Mahajan nurpur Ajay Mahajan nurpur
2 Nurpur Ranbir Singh BJP Ranbir Singh nurpur Ranbir Singh nurpur
3 Nurpur Sali Ram BSP Sali Ram nurpur Sali Ram nurpur
4 Nurpur Manisha Kumari AAP Manisha nurpur Manisha nurpur
5 Nurpur Subhash Singh Dhadwal Independent Subhash Singh Nurpur Subhash Singh Nurpur
6 Indora Malender Rajan INC Malender Rajan Indora Malender Rajan Indora
7 Indora Reeta Devi BJP Reeta Devi Indora Reeta Devi Indora
8 Indora Hans Raj BSP Hans Raj Indora Hans Raj Indora
9 Indora Jagdish Singh AAP Jagdish Singh Indora Jagdish Singh Indora
10 Indora Laxman Dass Hindu Samaj Party Laxman Das Indora Laxman Das Indora
11 Indora Nirmal Parshad Independent Nirmal Parshad Indora Nirmal Parshad Indora
12 Indora Manohar Lal Independent Manohar lal Indora Manohar lal Indora
13 Fatehpur Tilak Raj BSP Tilak Raj Mehra Fatehpur Tilak Raj Mehra Fatehpur
14 Fatehpur Bhawani Singh Pathania INC bhawani singh fatehpur bhawani singh fatehpur
15 Fatehpur Rakesh Pathania BJP Rakesh Pathania fatehpur Rakesh Pathania fatehpur
16 Fatehpur Dr. Rajan Shushant AAP Dr. Rajan Fatehpur Dr. Rajan Fatehpur
17 Fatehpur Dr. Ashok Kumar Somal Independent Dr. Ashok Kumar Somal Fatehpur Dr. Ashok Kumar Somal Fatehpur
18 Fatehpur Kirpal Singh Parmar Independent Kripal Parmar Fatehpur Kripal Parmar Fatehpur
19 Fatehpur Vijay Koundal Independent Vijay Koundal Fatehpur Vijay Koundal Fatehpur
20 Fatehpur Adv. Sanjay Sharma Independent Sanjay Sharama Fatehpur Sanjay Sharama Fatehpur
21 Jawali Arun Kumar Himachal Jan Kranti Arun Kumar Jawali Arun Kumar Jawali
22 Jawali Baldev Raj AAP Baldev Raj Jawali Baldev Raj Jawali
23 Jawali Bir Singh BSP Bir Singh Jawali Bir Singh Jawali
24 Jawali Sanjay Guleria BJP Sanjay Guleria Jawali Sanjay Guleria Jawali
25 Jawali Chander Kumar INC Chander Kumar Jawali Chander Kumar Jawali
26 Dehra Hoshiar Singh Independent Hoshiyar Singh Dehra Hoshiyar Singh Dehra
27 Dehra Ramesh Chand BJP Ramesh chand Dehra Ramesh chand Dehra
28 Dehra Dr. Rajesh Sharma INC Dr Rajesh Dehra Dr Rajesh Dehra
29 Dehra Harbans Singh BSP Harbans Singh Dehra Harbans Singh Dehra
30 Dehra Manish Kumar AAP Manish Kumar Dehra Manish Kumar Dehra
31 Dehra Varun Kumar Independent Varun Kumar Dehra Varun Kumar Dehra
32 Jaswan Pragpur Prem Chand BSP Prem Chand Jaswan Pragpur Prem Chand Jaswan Pragpur
33 Jaswan Pragpur Bikram Singh BJP Bikram Singh Jaswan Pragpur Bikram Singh Jaswan Pragpur
34 Jaswan Pragpur Surinder Singh Mankotia INC Surinder Kumar Jaswan Pragpur Surinder Kumar Jaswan Pragpur
35 Jaswan Pragpur Sahil Chouhan AAP Sahil Chuhan Jaswan Pragpur Sahil Chuhan Jaswan Pragpur
36 Jaswan Pragpur Mukesh Kumar Independent Mukesh Kumar Jaswan Pragpur Mukesh Kumar Jaswan Pragpur
37 Jaswan Pragpur Sanjay Prasher Independent Sanjay Prashar Jaswan Pragpur Sanjay Prashar Jaswan Pragpur
38 Jwalamukhi Ravinder Singh BJP Ravinder Jawalamukhi Ravinder Jawalamukhi
39 Jwalamukhi Susheel Kumar BSP Sushil Kumar Jwalamukhi Sushil Kumar Jwalamukhi
40 Jwalamukhi Sanjay Ratan INC Sanjay Ratan Jwalamukhi Sanjay Ratan Jwalamukhi
41 Jwalamukhi Hoshiar Singh AAP Hoshiyar Singh Jwalamukhi Hoshiyar Singh Jwalamukhi
42 Jwalamukhi Atul Kaushal Independent Atul Koushal Jwalamukhi Atul Koushal Jwalamukhi
43 Jwalamukhi Sunil Kumar Independent Sunil Kumar Jwalamukhi Sunil Kumar Jwalamukhi
44 Jaisinghpur Yadvinder Goma INC Yadvinder Goma jaisinghpur Yadvinder Goma jaisinghpur
45 Jaisinghpur Ravinder Kumar Dhiman BJP Ravinder Kumar Dhiman jaisinghpur Ravinder Kumar Dhiman jaisinghpur
46 Jaisinghpur Santosh Kumar AAP Santosh Kumar Jaisinghpur Santosh Kumar Jaisinghpur
47 Jaisinghpur Susheel Kumar Rashtriya Dev Bhumi Party Sushil Kumar Jaisinghpur Sushil Kumar Jaisinghpur
48 Jaisinghpur Dr. Kehar Singh Independent Kehar Singh Jaisinghpur Kehar Singh Jaisinghpur
49 Jaisinghpur Surender Singh Independent Surinder Singh Jaisinghpur Surinder Singh Jaisinghpur
50 Sullah Chander Bhan Independent Chander Bhan Sullah Chander Bhan Sullah
51 Sullah Jagdish Spehiya INC Jagdish Spehiya Sullah Jagdish Spehiya Sullah
52 Sullah Jagjeevan Paul Independent Jagjeevan Paul Sullah Jagjeevan Paul Sullah
53 Sullah Ravinder Singh AAP Ravinder Singh Sullah Ravinder Singh Sullah
54 Sullah Rekha Rani Independent Rekha Rani Sullah Rekha Rani Sullah
55 Sullah Sawroop Singh Independent Sawroop Singh Sullah Sawroop Singh Sullah
56 Sullah Suman Kumar Independent Suman Kumar Nath Sullah Suman Kumar Nath Sullah
57 Sullah Suresh Kumar Bahujan Samaj Party Suresh Kumar Sullah Suresh Kumar Sullah
58 Sullah Vipin Singh Parmar BJP Vipin Singh Parmar Sullah Vipin Singh Parmar Sullah
59 Nagrota Umakant AAP Umakant Nagrota Umakant Nagrota
60 Nagrota Arun Kumar BJP Arun Kumar Nagrota Arun Kumar Nagrota
61 Nagrota R.S Bali INC R.S Bali Nagrota R.S Bali Nagrota
62 Nagrota Sikander Independent Sikander Kumar Nagrota Sikander Kumar Nagrota
63 Kangra Pawan Kajal BJP Pawan Kumar Kajal Kangra Pawan Kumar Kajal Kangra
64 Kangra Surinder Kumar INC Surinder Kumar Kangra Surinder Kumar Kangra
65 Kangra Vijay Kumar BSP Vijay Kumar Kangra Vijay Kumar Kangra
66 Kangra Raj Kumar AAP Raj Kumar Kangra Raj Kumar Kangra
67 Kangra Amit Verma Independent Amit Verma Kangra Amit Verma Kangra
68 Kangra Kulbhash Chand Independent Kulbhash Chand Kangra Kulbhash Chand Kangra
69 Shahpur Kewal Singh INC Kewal Singh Shahpur Kewal Singh Shahpur
70 Shahpur Banarsi Das Dogra BSP Banarsi Das Dogra Shahpur Banarsi Das Dogra Shahpur
71 Shahpur Sarveen BJP Sarveen Shahpur Sarveen Shahpur
72 Shahpur Abhishek Singh AAP Abhishek Singh Abhishek Singh
73 Shahpur Ashish Sharma Hindu Smaj Party Ashish Sharma Shahpur Ashish Sharma Shahpur
74 Shahpur Joginder Singh Independent Joginder Singh Shahpur Joginder Singh Shahpur
75 Shahpur Ramesh Kumar Independent Ramesh Gautam Shahpur Ramesh Gautam Shahpur
76 Dharmshala Rakesh Kumar BJP Rakesh Kumar Dharmshala Rakesh Kumar Dharmshala
77 Dharmshala Sudhir Sharma INC Sudhir Sharma Dharmshala Sudhir Sharma Dharmshala
78 Dharmshala Kulwant Singh Rana AAP Kulwant Rana Dharmshala Kulwant Rana Dharmshala
79 Dharmshala Abhay Kumar Ashok Independent Abahy Kumar Dharmshala Abahy Kumar Dharmshala
80 Dharmshala Vipin Kumar Nehria Independent Vipan Nehria Dharmshala Vipan Nehria Dharmshala
81 Dharmshala Subhash Chand Shukla Independent Subhash chand Sukla Dharmshala Subhash chand Sukla Dharmshala
82 Palampur Aashish Butail INC Aashish Butail Palampur Aashish Butail Palampur
83 Palampur Sanjay Bhardwaj Aam Admi Party Sanjay Bhardwaj Palampur Sanjay Bhardwaj Palampur
84 Palampur Suresh Kumar Bahujan Samaj Party Suresh Kumar Palampur Suresh Kumar Palampur
85 Palampur Trilok Kapoor Bharatiya Janta Party Trilok Kapoor Palampur Trilok Kapoor Palampur
86 Baijnath Ajay Kumar Bahujan Samaj Party Ajay Kumar Baijnath Ajay Kumar Baijnath
87 Baijnath Gurdas Ram Independent Gurdas Ram Baijnath Gurdas Ram Baijnath
88 Baijnath Kishori Lal Indian National Congress Kishori Lal Baijnath Kishori Lal Baijnath
89 Baijnath Mulkh Raj Bharatiya Janta Party Mulkh Raj Baijnath Mulkh Raj Baijnath
90 Baijnath Parmod Chand Aam Admi Party Parmod Chand Baijnath Parmod Chand Baijnath
91 Baijnath Vishesh Sawabhiman Party Vishesh Baijnath Vishesh Baijnath