Health Department is headed by the Chief Medical Officer. Block Medical Officer is the head at the Block level. The Civil hospitals and Primary Health Centres comes under the Block Medical Officer.

Famous Schemes

Hospital Designation Name Contact No. Email
Dr. R.P.G.M.C.Tanda. Principal Dr. Ramesh Bharti 01892-267115 principal.tanda[at]
Zonal HospitalDharamshala. CMO Dr. G.D. Gupta 01892 -224874 cmo-kan-hp[at]
Zonal HospitalDharamshala. Medical Superintendent Dr. Dinesh Mahajan 01892- 227595 zhdharamshala[at]
Civil Hospital Kangra. SMO CH Kangra Dr. Ankush Kapoor 01892- 265054 chkangra[at]
Civil Hospital Palampur. SMO CH Palampur Dr. Vinay Mahajan 01894- 234101 mschpalampur[at]
Civil HospitalBaijnath. SMO CH Baijnath Dr. Sunita Kashyap 01894 -263166 smobaijnath[at]
Civil Hospital Nurpur. SMO CH Nurpur Dr. Neerja Gupta 01893 -220036 ictcnurpur[at]
Civil Hospital Dehra. SMO CH Dehra Dr. Gurmeet Singh 01970 -233105 ictcdehra[at]
Health Block Designation Name Contact No. Email
Bhawarna Block Medical Officer Dr. Sanjay Sharma 01894-247158 bmobhawarna[at]
Dadasiba Block Medical Officer Dr. Pankaj 01970-289237 bmodadasiba[at]
Fatehpur Block Medical Officer Dr. Surinder Singh 01893-256473,256680 bmofatehpur[at]
Gangath Block Medical Officer Dr. Neerja Gupta 01893-275042 bmogangath[at]
Gopalpur lock Medical Officer Dr. Sanjay Bhardwaj 01894-252226 bmogopalpur[at]
Indora Block Medical Officer Dr. Kapil Sharma 01893-241239 bmoindora[at]
Jwalamukhi Block Medical Officer Dr. Raman Puri 01970-222237 bmojwalamukhi[at]
Mahakal Block Medical Officer Dr. Vivek Karol 01894-265701,265301 bmomahakal[at]
Nagrota Bagwan Block Medical Officer Dr. Subash Thakur 01892-252294 ngb123ngb[at]
Nagrota Surian Block Medical Officer Dr. Mohan Singh 01893-265042 bmochcngs[at]
Shahpur Block Medical Officer Dr. Sushil Sharma 01892-238038 bmoshahpur[at]
Thural Block Medical Officer Dr. S. K. Bhatia 01894-276634 thuralbmo[at]
Tiara Block Medical Officer Dr. Sneh Sood 01892-232313 bmotiara[at]