Education is a multipurpose process, which not only inculcate social, economic and cultural awareness in humanity, but is also an important medium for grasping and promoting life enhancing values among human beings. It awakens the potential among people so that they are able to recognize truth, beauty and goodness. Value Education propels mind and soul towards achieving equilibrium which enhances the personality and promotes mental and spiritual strength as well as clarity and resolution in one’s aims. Actually, education is an ever continuing and open ended process and its true objective is to civilize humankind.

Education department is divided into four different sections, work flow of these sections is as below:

Hierarchy chart

Education Department Contact No. Email URL
Directorate Of Higher Education Shimla 0177-2804710
Deputy Director Higher Education Kangra at Dharamshala 01892-223124


Directorate of Elementary Education came in to existence in the year 2005 after restructuring of Primary Education in the State. It has the following organizational structure :-

  1. Directorate at the State level
  2. Office of the Deputy Director of Elementary Education at the District level.
  3. Office of DIETs at the District Level.
  4. Office of the Block Elementary Education Officer at Block level.
  5. Centre Head Teacher at cluster Level.
Education Department Contact No. Email URL
Department Of Elementary Education Shimla 0177-2657054
Deputy Director Of Elementary Education Dharamshala 01892-223155

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