1. There are number of websites of District Kangra.What is the official website to visit as a authentic source of official information?
  2. Ans: The official web portal is the only authentic source of official information about the District Kangra.

  3. Is and in one web portal or different?
  4. Ans: Both domain names direct to one web portal, which is the web portal of the District Kangra Himachal Pradesh, India.

  5. Who is reponsible for maintaining the official web portal?
  6. Ans: The NIC Kangra District Centre Himachal Pradesh is responsible for design, development of content.

  7. How can I contribute to photo gallery section as I have taken some good photos?
  8. Ans: Photographs must highlight the theme of District Kangra Himachal Pradesh in general such as landscape, culture, fair, festival, heritage etc. and can be sent through email at specifying title/subject of the photograph and photograph owner/sender name, postal address, profession, email-id, phone number etc.

  9. I find that a particular website content is obsolete. Whom should I contact to get it updated?
  10. Ans: Home page of the websites at footer section mention the name, phone number and email-id of the website’s Web Information Manager. He or she can be contacted to update the obsolete contents.

  11. Can I increase or decrease the text font of the content in this website?
  12. Ans: Yes, the link to increase or decrease the text size is available at top left corner of every page of the web portal.

  13. How can your website be evaluated?
  14. Ans: Contact options on the Footer section can be used to evaluate web portals.

  15. Will I be able to browse this website on my mobile?
  16. Ans: Yes, the website can be browsed on the mobile devices having Internet connectivity, for which you may contact your mobile service provider.

  17. I live abroad. But there is my land in Himachal Pradesh. How can I view my land records through this website?
  18. Ans: You can see it through the “Land Records” in the quick links menu of this web portal.

  19. I found one of the links are not functional. It was given an error. How can I get it working?
  20. Ans: Web Information Manager of the website can be contacted for pointing out errors in the website and contacts of the web information manager are mentioned at footer section of concerned website.

  21. I found some grammatical and spelling errors in the website content. How can I get it corected?
  22. Ans: The Web Information Manager of the website can be contacted for pointing out grammatical errors in the website and contacts of the web information manager are mentioned at footer section of the website. We appreciate your concern and you are welcome to send your other suggestions to improve the website content as the basic purpose of the website is to server the citizens in meeting their requirements.

  23. Can I check local holidays list of District Kangra in this website?
  24. Ans: Yes, you can check the list of local holidays of District Kangra in the notifications section.

  25. Can I get information on the famous tourist sites of District Kangra on this website?
  26. Ans: Yes, you can find brief information about the famous tourist sites of Kangra in the tourism section.

  27. How to apply online for registration of new voter?
  28. Ans: Yes, you can do it by clicking on the voter registeration in the information section.

  29. Does your website contain helpline contacts during disaster?
  30. Ans: Yes, you can find it in the directory section in main menu.

  31. How can I find Kangra Gazetteer?
  32. Ans: You can download it from the document section of the website.

  33. How can I purchase Kangra paintings?
  34. Ans: You can send your queries regarding purchase to