Brijeshwari Temple
The history of Pre-Aryan and Aryan eras is mainly based on the epics like Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharata, etc.  In Rigveda, reference of Arijikya (Beas) flowing through this area has been made.  This region, commonly named as Dev Bhumi is believed to be the abode of gods.  According to the Vedas, some non-Aryan tribes inhabited this region before the arrival of Aryans. There is a mention of Trigarta (Kangra) kingdom in Mahabharata.. more

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Kangra district derives its name from Kangra town that was known as Nagarkot in ancient times. more


Kangra District Disaster Management Authority

Kangra District Distatser Managment Autority (DDMA).more


Baijnath Temple

Himachal is nature’s paradise, replete with beautiful landscape, river catchments and forest wealth.more